Bdellium Makeup Brush Set: 10 pc. Studio Line (My Review)

Studio Line I AM FIRST 10pc. Brush Set with Brush Holder - Bdellium Tools

The “I AM FIRST” 10pc. brush set is a limited edition set that includes 10 best-selling brushes from the Studio Line.

We wanted to create a set that seamlessly integrates empowerment with positive and motivating affirmations to remind you to love yourself, FIRST and foremost.

With soft bristles and full-sized handles, this is the ultimate brush set to help make you look and feel amazing. Makeup is an art and beauty is a state of mind.

Each brush is a makeup tool, but it also serves as a reminder of your best strengths.

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Brushes included in this set:

About the product:

California-based makeup tool company Bdellium Tools created a limited number of brush sets that carry a powerful message.

The Bdellium Tools I Am First brush set doesn’t just make you look good, it helps you feel good by reminding you how beautiful you are every time you blend, buff, contour, or powder your nose.

While these seemingly simple makeup brushes aren’t decorated with any glitter or gold detailing and don’t come in this year’s trendy rose-gold hue, they’ll still be able to brighten your day.

Not only are the handles a cheery shade of yellow, but they’re also stamped with a positive and motivational affirmation.

So whether you’re in need of a quick confidence boost before a big interview or just a small reminder of how awesome you are, these brushes have your back.

  • Limited Edition Studio Line 10pc. brush set
  • Set includes bestselling Bdellium Tool brushes
  • Each brush displays a positive affirmation
  • Hand-crafted professional makeup brushes (Studio Line)
  • Includes box to use as brush holders
  • Naturally soft and/or synthetic blended bristles
  • Professional full size handles
  • No animal testing

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