Brush Care

How to CLEAN your brushes:

Materials needed: Paper towels, towel, running water, mild shampoo of your choice, time, patience & gentle care.

  1. Take the brush and wet them under running room temperature water. Be sure to keep the bristles of the brush facing down. This helps to prevent water from seeping into the ferrule (metal piece holding the handle & bristles together) or handle.
  2. Put some shampoo (never use dish washing soap or anything with a degreaser) on your fingers/hand and apply it to the bristles of the brush. Start from the ferrule/handle and work your way down towards the tip of the bristles. Massage the shampoo into the bristles gently.
  3. Run the brush (bristle side down) under clean water to help rinse off the shampoo. Repeat this process until all residue of shampoo has been washed off.
  4. Lay down a paper towel and dab the brush on the towel to help remove excess water.
  5. Re-shape your brush to its original shape.
  6. Lay flat on a new clean towel to dry.


  • Preferably you should dry your brushes with the bristles facing down to allow gravity to help pull any water that may have seeped into the ferrule/handle out. You can also, prop up your brushes so that they are at a 45° to help facilitate the drying process.
  • Do not dry your brushes with the bristles standing up. This will allow water, shampoo, cleanser or any other liquid you have used to seep into the ferrule & handle and will compromise the quality of your brushes.
  • Do not dip or submerge your brushes fully into a reservoir of water. This will allow water to seep into the ferrule & handle and will compromise the quality of your brushes.
  • Disinfecting your brushes using a brush cleanser should NOT replace regular washing.

How to DISINFECT your brushes:

Materials needed: Paper Towel, Brush cleanser of your choice

  1. Dampen the paper towel using the brush cleanser of your choice.
  2. Take the brush and whisk it back and forth in a sweeping motion on the damp paper towel. Do not whisk the brush in circular motions as this will deteriorate the bristles. Make sure to thoroughly “disinfect” all areas of the bristles on the brush.

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