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“Bdellium Tools launches the #IAMFIRST campaign and limited edition brush set intended to generate and utilize positive thoughts to drive self-worth and to love yourself, FIRST and foremost.  

Starting with your morning makeup regimen, make up is where your state of mind starts for most.  Inside of us at times, there’s self-doubt and criticism. 

But we want to silence that.  Know that your thoughts inspire action.  Take a few moments of your day to reflect on you and only you.  

Put yourself first, and reset your mind and actions every day.  Looking beautiful is one thing, but feeling beautiful is another.

We created a set that seamlessly integrates empowerment with these positive and motivating affirmations to remind you to love yourself, FIRST and foremost.

Along with the brush set, Bdellium Tools will be encouraging the public to take part in the campaign by using the hashtag #IAMFIRST and posting their own stories related to the brushes. 

This will be tracked on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat throughout the upcoming months.  We have asked celebrities and make up influencers to lend their voices to this campaign.

Out of all of our collections, this is the one I am most proud of.  The I AM FIRST Brush Set is for everyone who wants to change their mindset to something positive every morning.  It’s a way to express and unite, and redefine what it means to be beautiful.” – Edward Kim, Founder of Bdellium Tools


“Why do we wear makeup? There are probably enough answers to fill a text book, but to keep it simple, we wear makeup to enhance our beauty and confidence. California-based makeup tool company Bdellium came out with a the #IAMFIRST studio brush set, taking your beauty routine to a whole other level.

The unique makeup brushes feature engraved affirmations to remind you that you’re enhancing yourself — not making up for anything you don’t already have.

Bdellium truly gives your makeup a professional touch — they even have a line of Vegan Special Effects brushes (is it too late to tell Santa)?

With the I AM First set, the brand aims to make you not only look beautiful, but to feel beautiful too.  This is a heartfelt campaign committed to empowerment and self esteem.

The world can use all the positivity it can get, so what can seem as something small really does have a huge impact in the long run. Plus, you know what they say, smiling is contagious!” -Amanda Grace


“It’s Sunday fun day!  Hope you’re all having a stupendous weekend!

If you’ve read our posts about Bdellium brushes, then you already know how handy they are.  The Bdellium company owns its own factory, so you get very good brushes at a great price, and they have SO many options to choose from.  Well, they have just introduced yet another line, and I’m super excited about these!!!

According the brand’s website, this is the line the company’s founder, Edward Kim, is most proud of.  “…The I Am First brush set is for everyone who wants to change their mindset to something positive every morning.  It’s a way to express and unite, and redefine what it means to be beautiful” (Kim, 2017).

Like their Studio line, these brushes are yellow, but each one has a positive and motivating affirmation on the handle to FIRST and foremost, remind you to love yourself.   Think about affirming to yourself each time you do your face, “I am beautiful,” “I am strong,” etc.  This is a really, really awesome idea.  I am thoroughly impressed!

The best part?  You can get the WHOLE 10-piece set of full-sized brushes for just $75.00, that’s just $7.50 each!” -Renee


“Not only are these great brushes, but they make you feel awesome while you put on your makeup! After being psychologically and emotionally abused by my former husband, I felt ugly, stupid, and not enough. These brushes changed my life! I can’t say more, they brighten my mood every day!” -Elly

“This is one of my favorite brush sets. The brushes perform in a superb manner. Seeing the positive affirmations is so uplifting.” -Joyce Marie

“I love these brushes. They help me create a flawless makeup look while sending uplifting messages that the world needs so much. I highly recommend them.” -Tavia

“I love these brushes. They are very inspirational and uplifting. It’s very different from any other makeup brush line I have seen, and there should be more of these type brushes with a positive message!!” -Cara

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these brushes! The BEST brush set for contouring, blending, and shaping any eye product. The perfect dimension to whatever eye application and the right stiffness/softness for blending! The handles are the perfect length and feel for manipulating the brushes. The case is the best in the market, and I own several to compare. Very professional looking and the material is solid.” -Sarah

“This is a great way to start – BDELLIUM. They make good quality brushes and they don’t break the bank.” -Nikki

“My son’s girlfriend was sooo happy to receive this for Christmas from me. She stated they were one of the best out there, she is a makeup artist and needed a set of brushes for her alone and her clients so these were on her wish list.” -Iris

“I am so pleased with this purchase. I learned about Bdellium Tools from a little YouTube research, and the reviews are true! Super soft, high quality brushes; I love these little beauties and the yellow color is so much fun! I’ll be ordering more from this company for sure. Very satisfied customer here. :)” -Lynda

Best makeup brushes ever! I used to purchase MAC brushes only and have to say these brushes put MAC’s to shame!! As a makeup artist brushes are the most important thing to invest in. I highly recommend Bdellium brushes for any makeup artist looking for quality brushes that last. I have had these brushes for over 5 years and they still look brand new!! I did not realize I had not left a review when I purchased these years ago. Over 5 years later im so impressed, I had to take time to write a helpful review that is honest and can attest to the quality of this company. They even sell synthetic brushes that are resistant to bacteria (to a certain extent of course regular brush cleaning is always required)” -Christi

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Another great Bdellium tool is the Bent Eyeliner #708…

  • Perfect for flawless application
  • Luxuriously lacquered wooden handle for convenience
  • Bent head provides easier and clearer access to the eyes
  • Pointed tip allows for a smooth clear cut line during application

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